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The house didn’t look luxurious but not a piece of junk in the middle of nowhere. They technically are in the middle of nowhere and the closest neighbor must be at around 4 or 5 miles away from Will’s house. Knowing the young man’s resistance to see people it’s not strange at all. If it wasn’t because he needs to keep his reputation clean, he’d probably end up in a place like this, but with a more beautiful house, of course. After all, the castle where he lived was a couple of miles from Vilnius and it was like the Lecters had their own space, apart from civilization in their lands, filled with lakes, animals and large forests. How amusing that Will and himself share that kind of particular fact.

Will’s been very forward with his question and the result has been this awkward moment between the two men. He wants to kiss him now, touch him more than ever as he sees the young man’s hands flexing and loosening at the tightness, a result of his nervousness. This is like a date indeed, and he’ll have to endure for a good while before making another advance. “What I want to do with you should be kept to your imagination, then. A safe place you may go and visit whenever you feel like doing so without physical contact.” The doctor starts the engine again and waits until there are no more cars on the route before crossing it. “That seems to be the case from now on.” Perhaps there’s a tone of frustration in his voice, but it’s very subtle.

As he pulls over, the man can hear the barking of the dogs as soon as he leaves the car. It’s pouring and it will be a pity if Will gets wet. Hannibal runs towards his side, the splish splash of the rain falls over the car and the mud under his feet and all he cares is to offer his coat to Will before they get into the house. Once safe under the roof before the entrance, he removes his large coat from the young investigator’s shoulders and looks down at himself. He’s soaking wet and he’ll need to put at least his clothes by the fire to get them dry as soon as he gets back home.

"Here we are," he informs, just to say something and break the silence. A few of Hannibal’s wet strands of hair stick to his face and he brushes them to the side. He wonders if Will is going to ask him to come in, and the doctor mentally prepares himself from what might or might not happen. Probably nothing, considering Will’s hesitance to kiss him.


       There is a feeling he can’t help but shake.  Will feels as though he has irritated Dr. Lecter with his statement — one that he regretted from the moment it exited his lips.  He sighed softly before rubbing his face.  It was because he was tired and nothing more.  At any rate, he nodded and said nothing more about it.  Dr. Lecter was being very polite with him and he felt undeserving.  It nearly unsettled him as well.  Will learned a long time ago that few people were ever kind unless they had something to gain.  

       No sooner than the car pulls in the driveway, the sound of dogs barking welcomes Will home.  They only barked when Will came home, they were excited to see him.  It was another reason why Will preferred them over humans.  Dogs were always the same, he didn’t have to worry if they were in a good mood or not.  He could depend on them.  

       Though he often found solace during heavy rain, he didn’t enjoy being in it.  Will only liked rain when he was inside, warm and comfortable, not wet and messy.  Not that he minded being dirty, because though he didn’t like it he didn’t dislike it either, but it was different when he was cold and wet.  That being said, he didn’t really want to get out of the car, but nearly as soon as the car stopped Dr. Lecter was at his side — giving Will his coat again?  It was a welcome gesture, confusing as it may have been.  Once they got inside, Will was quite dry.

       As Dr. Lecter takes his coat back, Will takes note of how wet he is.  He swallowed hard as his eyes trail down the man’s chest, finding he enjoyed the way his clothes clung to him.  A familiar feeling washed over Will and he felt suddenly very warm.  ”Here we are…,” he echoed as his eyes lingered far too long on the man’s belt-line.  When he realized he was staring, he looked to the side and hoped it went unnoticed.

       ”Would you like to come inside…?” he asked, regathering his thoughts.  ”I could make coffee,” he offered, “… but if you have prior obligations, I understand.”  Yes, good job, Will.  Invite him inside to cozy up with you and your dogs and coffee in front of the fireplace.  He regrets asking after he does, but he does want Dr. Lecter to stay.

Anonymous: I want to pull your hair

       ”Please do not.”


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